Welcome to this place of care for your child and the children that are in our lives, 30 months to school age. We strive to offer nurturing support for all children and families who come here.

Young children are open to every impression that lives in their environment. Their capacity to live deeply into all that surrounds them is at the root of their learning. We call that capacity imitation. We wish to support you in providing an environment worthy of imitation, where children can play imaginatively and creatively in ways that nurture their senses and awaken their fantasy, which in later years translates into capacities thinking and the foundation of a lively intellectual life.

Just as the child lives in a rhythmical life of waking and sleeping, a regular rhythm for daily and weekly activities supports their feelings of security and the beginnings of memory. Rhythm and regular routine bring children a sense of joyful security that we consider essential to their healthy development. This web site and the links and affiliates we offer, will hopefully give you ideas and inspirations to support and deepen your understanding of the possibilities in the journey with children.

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